Performance 2017

Performance 2017

Saturday, 23 September 2017
12:00 h – 14:00 h / In the Café Area

Loré Lixenberg
‘PRÊT A CHANTER’, 2016/2017

Voice artist/mezzo-soprano/composer Loré Lixenberg presents her real time, audience-participatory opera performance ‘PRÊT A CHANTER’ together with performers and café patrons who either wish to take part or quietly observe while in the temporary pop-up café at Friends with Books: Art Book Fair Berlin. The one rule for participants is not to speak, only to sing or vocalise in any way they desire. All languages and forms of sonic communication are encouraged.

‘PRÊT A CHANTER’ is the ultimate political work as in 'Politi' – the life of the city. It is a post-internet, post-cyborg real-time opera that seeks to blur the boundaries between art and life, vocalisations (including singing and different languages but no speaking), different cultures, different economic and post-economy systems and psychologies.

Performers: Loré Lixenberg, Elise Lorraine, Natalie Raybould, Richard Thomas, Héloïse Fanchon Werner.

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