Exhibition and Performances 2015

I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library is a temporary exhibition as part of Friends with Books Programmes featuring works by Berlin-based artists Susanne Bürner, Natalie Czech, Anita Di Bianco, Dominique Hurth, Ines Lechleitner, Jonathan Monk, Joachim Schmid, Erik Steinbrecher, and Elisabeth Tonnard.

The works on view emanate from the tradition of the artist’s book as an expanded format that challenges our definition of the book. Printed matter, text, found images, drawing, poetry, installation, performance, and sculpture are all expressed within and outside of the space of the book in relation to each artist’s individual practice.

Additionally, several participating artists are present in the main hall: Susanne Bürner (Table G2), Dominique Hurth (Table L1), Ines Lechleitner (Table U6), Joachim Schmid (Table E5), Erik Steinbrecher (Table E6), and Elisabeth Tonnard (Table E4).

Visit Table A / Friends with Books Information Desk for the complete list of works in the exhibition and the accompanying text.

Performances / Saturday, December 12, 2015

15:00 h Ines Lechleitner with Alice Chauchat, Four to Two Feet, 2015. Through movement, Alice Chauchat will interpret a notation/drawing by Ines Lechleitner. The drawing attempts to mediate a video sequence of human-horse interaction – as part of an interdisciplinary research project with the cultural scientist Marion Mangelsdorf (takes place in the exhibition space as a part of Lechleitner’s installation).

17:00 h Dominique Hurth, séance de lecture, 2015, (takes place in Public Programmes area Z, see Public Programmes for more information).